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So this is my "final" attempt at a blog.  And when I say that, I'll let you know that it's probably a complete lie.  This ...

So this is my "final" attempt at a blog.  And when I say that, I'll let you know that it's probably a complete lie.  This is my third, no, fourth blog (?) that I've started up and I don't write past entry number 2.  But I've become a little obsessed lately and I find myself reading blogs all the time, and that makes me want to have one of my own.

At this point, I think the direction I want to take is the "journal/timeline" approach and post what we (the George's) did throughout the week, what we learned, any pictures we might have taken.  A lot of my friends have blogs because their families are far away and they want to keep them updated on their lives.  Not me (except for my lovely in-laws that live in Oregon, and my lovely little sister that lives in CA).  Most of my family is right here in Utah.  But I can only hope that eventually Dan and I will move away from this place that is way too cold in winter, and live somewhere warmer, where there are palm trees.  And beaches.  And Disneyland.  And then there will be need for my blog.  But for now, it is for me.  And my babies.  I've always wanted to read my mom's journal, but she didn't keep one.  Neither did my dad, or any one of my ancestors that I know of.  And I just can't do that to my babies.  I can imagine them 20 years from now, reading my blog from their hologram computers...and laughing at my wit...just kidding.  I'm just hoping they'll be interested.  If not, I'm sure I'll read this 50 years from now to remember "the good old days."

So yesterday was a good day.  Dan found out he got accepted into the Master's program for his major and we get to stick around for two more years instead of just one.  Which is good for me too because I kind of love my job at BYU Broadcasting.  To add to the good news, Dan sold his scooter!  With the most recent addition of a motorcycle, there was no need for the scooter.  He'd had plenty of offers for $500, but this is a great scooter, and because we like money (don't judge us, because who doesn't?), we wanted more for it.  He gets a text from this guy who will give him $500 and a canon xl1 for it, along with green screen and professional lights.  Umm...okay!  I was so excited to get a nice camera that would help me take beautiful pictures to post on this lovely blog.  One of those with the fancy names that does more than just record a memory, but makes it look better than it actually was?  You know what I'm talking about?  So we looked it up and it turns out it's a video camera.  Boo.  But the camera is worth 3-400 alone.  It was a good deal so we handed off the scooter and ended up with a camcorder, a green screen, and lights.

I'm bummed that I won't have pretty pictures to post on here but maybe movies?  Once we figure out how to work the thing?  So maybe we can look forward to that. :)

A picture of the George's.  Welcome to our blog!

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  1. yay! love that you're blogging! keep it updated so i can stalk your life still :)